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  1. PABC Games to commence from 24th-June
  2. PABC Games to commence from 24th-June
  3. PABC Games to commence from 24th-June
  4. PABC Games to commence from 24th-June


The Red Bull Pro-Am Basketball Classic (PABC), founded by Sean Brunson, is a first-of-a-kind National pro-am basketball tournament set to take place June 24-26, 2022, in Los Angeles, California.

The six leagues that have been selected for the inaugural tournament are the Drew League (Los Angeles), Dyckman (New York), AEBL (Atlanta), Miami Pro League (Miami), Danny Rumph Classic (Philadelphia), and the Brunson League (Baltimore). Each league brings a roster loaded with players that possess NBA experience/overseas professional basketball experience.

The mission of the Red Bull PABC is to bring the top pro-am basketball leagues together to give their respective players a major platform to strengthen their community goodwill, give them access and exposure to larger networks, and raise their overall profiles and brand visibility. This captivating event won’t just be sensational on the basketball court and in the mass media, it will also have a huge impact off the court by supporting and bringing awareness to the positive community impact endeavors of each participating Pro-Am league and their respective cities.


Dear Pro-Am Basketball Fans,

As I write this open letter to the players, coaches, spectators, sponsors, and supporters of Pro-Am basketball in every faced across the world I must say that this event, which was nothing more than a mere thought of mine 5 years ago, is now a reality because of all of you. Your recognition of the community impact that each Pro-Am has on its respective cities, counties, and states. Your acknowledgment of the fact that a game played with a rubber ball can unite people in every corner of the globe no matter their age, ethnicity, gender, religion, native language, political party, etc. Your spirited in-person, text messages, calls, and social media debates about what areas produce the best basketball players. Your love for the game of basketball in its purest form. All of that and much more from you, has led to the creation of this tournament for you.

It is my mission to make this an annual event that will be a truly interactive and memorable and experience for each and every one of you. Thank you to Chaniel Smiley (Drew League), Ken Stevens (Dyckman), Jah Rawlings (AEBL), Kyle Davis (Miami Pro League), and Mike Morak (Danny Rumph Classic) for believing in my vision and joining me on this journey. Also, a huge thank you to Red Bull for being our Title Sponsor and partnering with us to help curate this event. June 24, 2022 is just days away so I hope all of you are ready to #Rep4YourCity.
With gratitude,

Sean Brunson (Founder & CEO)